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Welcome to Sweet Pickle Kazoos!

The kazoo is an interstiing instument that, thanks to folk music traditions like others from its heyday, is returning to music once again.  Once relegated to childs play, the kazoo is gaining popularity in acoustic and folk music styles for adults.  It is a simple instrument to play, and goes well with almost any accompaniment instrumentation.  In fact, we frequently use our kazoos in our ukulele performances, since it makes produces a very different tone that goes well in instrumental breaks.

Since joining our ukulele performance group, the River City Ukulele All-stars (Click here for our Facebook page!), we have seen a marked increase in the use of the kazoo for making our music that much more appealing.  It’s very simple to play, as easy as humming a tune!

As we’ve used the kazoos more frequently, we discovered that the old, toy-like nature of what is widely available falls far short of what a kazoo could really be.  The tinny sound of the everyday kazoo leaves a lot to be desired.  And the simple wax paper diaphragms don’t last long at all!  What we really needed was a real, professional quality instrument to live up to the level of music we were performing.

So it was from this need that Sweet Pickle Kazoos was born.

All of our kazoos are hand-made, one at a time, in our tiny shop in Mechanicsville, Virginia.  We make kazoos from a variety of hardwoods, from the common Poplar in our beginners’ models, up to exotic woods from far off lands in our high end and custom lines.  Each kazoo is hand finished, most in their natural wood colors, with a hand rubbed gun stock oil finished off with a coat of beeswax for that glossy look and smooth feel.

We plan to be a sponsor for our yearly festival, Ukefest Virginia (Web site here), and have a booth selling our kazoos at the event.

Click on the link above to see all of our models and pricing.

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